Welcome back to Jcondon.com.


As you can see, the site is no longer active or displaying millions of free music files.

Over the last few years, it has been amazing watching my site grow into a very large and dedicated community of active users. At the time of writing this, we had over 3,000 active members without paying for any form of advertising.

I can honestly say I am proud of that accomplishment and I'm thankful for all the faithful users.

The only issue was the undeniable fact that the site generated zero revenue. It was ad-free and free to use at all times. Because of this, it became impossible to maintain and also to pay for hosting on such a large project. I would never ask my users to pay for a service such as this. Not only that but I could never ask a user to pay for music that I wasn't personally creating myself. The artists deserve that funding, not me.  The links on the site always directed you to a page where you could purchase the music and I hope users took advantage of that option.

It is with a heavy heart that I close the doors on Jcondon.com and all the time invested in the domain/design. The time has come to focus on other, more fruitful projects.

In the meantime, please keep supporting the artists you love. Remember that they do not make a dime unless you buy their music. If they do not make any money, they will stop making the music you love and resort to other career paths. The music industry is a dying industry and artists no longer get paid well for simply being on a contract. In fact, most artists lose money, even with a major record label if people aren't buying their music.

Keep an eye on Jcondon.com. Maybe someday in the future you will find resources to once again tap into an amazing catalog of music. Until then, it's been a fun journey. Thank you so much!



Joseph Condon (Owner of Jcondon.com)


Feel free to contact me with any questions here:  CONTACT